How to Cope With Grief

Talk to Loved Ones

When the person that you love passes away, it very important that you take the time in your grieving process to make sure that you’re connected to those who still live and making the most of your relationships with them while they’re still here and alive. Talking to the people that are close to you is essential to the healing process by helping you to feel less alone.

Accept the Reality

It can be tempting to try and deny the sheer and harsh reality of what has occurred, but in reality, you will benefit very much from coming to terms with that occurred in order to bring yourself clarity. Being honest with yourself about the loss of a loved one is healthier and less painful than the alternative.

Do not hide from the world

Don’t fall into the trap of becoming a recluse when the loss is at its most powerful level of intensity. You may find that you aren’t as inclined to go into the open world, more comfortable to stay inside, but the truth it that is far more healthy to get yourself into the world and immersed in your community as a distraction.

Understand your feelings

Sadness is not weakness, not by any stretch of the imagination. Your feelings for the person that has passed away are completely natural and should be regarded as things that are all but inevitable in the process of coming to terms with your loss. When you feelings are acknowledged as natural, you won’t feel as out of control.

Don’t repress the grief

Repressing your negative feelings isn’t all that much different from putting the lid of a pot of violently boiling water. While the steam may not initially escape, it can and will eventually become too much for the lid to stay one without a messy and potentially very painful result.

Remember the things about them that made you happy

The loss of the person that you were close to may seem like something that is completely marinated in nothing but pain and despair, but you only feel these things because there are things that made you feel extremely positive things while they were alive and well. Basking in the positive nature of what they brought you while they were alive is much better than focusing only on their passing.

Celebrate the memory

You are completely in the right in lamenting the memory of the person that has passed away, but you shouldn’t neglect the importance of making sure that you are celebrating everything about the person that they ever did to make you feel happy for their existence. Your happy memories of them will always be more valuable than your sadness at them passing away.

Talk to others that have also been through loss

You may feel as thought there isn’t another soul in the world who can relate to the pain of what you’ve been through, but the truth is that there are millions who may be able to relate in ways that you didn’t even think were possible. When you talk with others, you’ll feel less alone in taking on the battle of grief before you. If you reside in Australia, contact the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement for help. 

Meet new people

People are going to come and go from your life for as long as you live, and while this happens, the best thing that you can do is to always make sure that you have more beginnings in your life than only endings. The new bonds that you form may not replace those you lose, but they’ll make you far better for wear than only experiencing the weight of people who leave.

Do something that makes you happy

You have to fight through the possible compulsion you have to withdraw, and instead use those feelings as the impetus you need to become immersed in all of the wonderful things you know that can bring you joy any day of the week. The happiness you feel from these things is not only a powerful distraction, but a much better alternative to sitting alone with your despair.

Be expressive

Don’t reject the reality of all of the negative feelings that your experience from the passing of the person that was close to you while they were still alive. People who are more emotionally expressive are more able to cope with grief than those who let it silently eat away at them from the inside out.

Don’t blame yourself

We have absolutely no control over the time that it is for another person to leave our lives. Taking on the weight of a death isn’t going to make you feel anything but worse about the situation.

Grow from the experience

As people, we are able to build emotional bonds that a lot of other creatures we share the planet with don’t have the capacity to; because of this, we also have the ability to become stronger and more resistant to emotional pain the more that we experience it. Use the loss someone you love and take it as a broken bone; something apart of you that may be damaged, but can make you come out of the experience stronger than ever before.

Live fully

If there is anything that we can learn from those who have passed away, it’s that life is an immeasurably valuable blessing that we’re not going to have forever. We have to make sure that we take advantage of our right to life while we still have it before it’s our own time as well.

Talk to those who are close to you

Expressing yourself to those who are close to you, while they are still around, is a good safeguard against feeling alone when the throes of grief are cutting into you at their sharpest.

Don’t be afraid to cry

Your pride may make you feel the need to refrain from crying, but in truth, crying takes a great degree of emotional strength. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t strong, but rather that you have the security to be vulnerable.

How to choose sympathy flowers to send to a home?

When someone you know loses a loved one, words fall short of being able to express the feelings that you have in helping the mourner understand your heartfelt sentiments. Sympathy floral arrangements are a wonderful and caring way to let someone know that you feel for their emotional pain and are wishing them the very best.


These flowers can serve to brighten the home of a mourner and remind them that there are others who care that they are grieving. Sympathy flowers are almost always appreciated and encouraged. If you want to know what to choose the next time that you are faced with the decision on what to send, maybe this guide will steer you in the right direction.

What is the Difference Between Funeral Flowers and Sympathy Flowers?


It is a great question to ask because there is a difference so knowing what to send will help you avoid any awkward moments. Funeral floral arrangements are very different arrangements from sympathy flowers. Funeral flowers are much larger and elaborate than a sympathy flower arrangement. Funeral flowers are sent directly to the services being held in honour of the deceased, whereas sympathy flowers are sent to the homes of the mourning family members. Sympathy arrangements are directed to the mourning family and funeral flowers are addressed to the deceased. Sympathy arrangements are smaller and more personal, often with a special note from the sender in a vase so that the recipient has something to remember your thoughtfulness by. They are typically tabletop arrangements to be used as centrepieces or for display on end tables.


Funeral flowers are set up around the casket and throughout the room where the funeral services are held. The spots for funeral flowers near the casket are first reserved for the immediate family members and then extended family. Next would go close friends, co-workers and arrangements from employers. It is poor form to bring an arrangement of funeral flowers with you to set up for display yourself. In either case, have the florist deliver them for you. Be sensitive to calling on a grieving family members with flowers unannounced unless you have a good relationship with them. Sometimes mourners do not want unexpected guests during their time of loss.

What Kinds of Flowers Should I Send as Sympathy Flowers?

Flowers in this type of arrangement are typically small. Carnations, roses and smaller blossoms are perfectly acceptable in a sympathy flower arrangement. Stick to arrangements that can easily go on a table and are a bit understated, chances are that yours is not the only arrangement that will show up so be conscious of the space of the home. No matter what you send, it will be appreciated and remembered for months to come. Be sure to address and sign the card, even if it is only a few words.


You can choose whether or not you’d like to include a fancier vase or container to go with your sympathy flowers. Many florists offer special gift boxes of candies or cookies as well. These can be great things to send along so that the mourners have something to offer callers as they come by the home to visit and sit with the family. Speciality vases are great for mourners of whom you have a personal arrangement with and are aware of their tastes.

When Shouldn’t I send Sympathy Flowers to the Home?

While most of the time flowers are a cheerful welcome, there are extenuating circumstances that may need to be considered before you call your local florist to arrange for something to be sent along. Be aware of cultural or religious considerations of the mourners. It is the tradition in the Jewish faith to not send flowers of any kind while they observe their 7 day mourning period called, Shiva. In this tradition, Jewish mourners do not observe their appearance or sit on the furniture of the home. Also, flowers are not welcome during Shiva. What you can do instead is send a sympathy card or arrange to have a meal sent to the home.


In the Buddhist faith, only small sombre white floral arrangements are acceptable and should be sent to the home, never the funeral home. Food is also not an acceptable gift to send to Buddhist mourners as well. Red floral arrangements are in poor taste to those of the Buddhist faith so stick to a solid white arrangement.

Those of the Hindu faith do not have the tradition of flowers and it is expected that no gifts will be offered to the mourners initially. Those who come to pay their respects are requested to not speak to those who are grieving as well. After 10 days, a celebration is held and sympathizers are expected to bring gifts of fruit to honour the dead.


If you are not sure if there are any cultural barriers to sending your gift you can always ask. It may go along way to being more sensitive to the mourner observing their own grief according to their traditions. The mourners will be very pleased that you took the time to learn about and pay attention to their grieving rituals as a sign of love, compassion and respect. It will also help you to avoid any embarrassment.

On occasion it can be made known that the family would rather that sympathizers make a donation to a favourite charity of the deceased or to support a society in light of the deceased cause of death such as a cancer society. While it isn’t unacceptable to send flowers anyway, it is thoughtful to observe the wishes of the mourners. If you’d really like to send flowers, make a donation to their charity along with sending your arrangement. You’ll be honouring and thoughtful at the same time. A little consideration during a time like this goes a long way. Your generosity will be remembered along with your kindness. After all, it is about the mourners and their wishes in a situation like this one.

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Flowers to Rockingham Regional Memorial Park Cemetery in Western Australia - A Silent Language of Farewell and Sympathy

There are no words for the sadness that accompanies the loss of a loved one. The feelings are overwhelming, to say the least, and can make the rest of the world impossible to grasp. Unfortunately, with a loved one’s passing comes the very real need to plan a service and proper burial for them. If you live in the south west corridor, you can depend on Rockingham Regional Memorial Park. They are so much more than a simple cemetery or place to remember your loved one. Rockingham Regional Memorial Park will provide you with a number of options for celebrating your loved one’s life. Best of all, they can help you customize it so the memorial is as unique as the person themselves. Continue reading to find out why Rockingham Regional Memorial Park is the perfect place to lay your loved one to rest.

Convenient Location

While a cemetery’s location may not seem like the first thing to consider when looking for a place to bury your loved one, it makes sense with some further thought. You don’t simply bury someone with no plans of visiting, after all. Part of the grieving process often involves returning to their grave-site. Of course, even once your initial mourning has passed, you’ll no doubt wish to visit often.

Rockingham Regional Memorial Park is located just 38 kilometres to the south of Perth City. Its address is: Baldivis Road,
Baldivis WA 6171, Australia ‎

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Despite being within a half hour of Perth City, Regional Memorial Park Cemetery is satisfactorily withdrawn from public view, giving mourners the solitude they need during their private moments. Once you are inside the park, you’ll feel like you’re a world away from everyday life and free to focus on the reason you’re there.

Unmatched Beauty

Speaking of the location of Regional Memorial Park Cemetery, the actual environment is unmatched in its beauty. The landscaping is specifically designed to be beautiful, yet unobtrusive, so nothing distracts your thoughts from the gravity of the moment. Regional Memorial Park Cemetery has gone to great lengths to make the memorials blend in seamlessly with the natural environment.

Memorial Options

Of course, one of the reasons the property looks so beautiful is because of the many options Rockingham Regional Memorial Park offers for commemorating a loved one’s life. There are six main options for people to choose from, accommodating a variety of tastes and budgets. Let’s take a look at those now, as well as some of the alternative options too.

Memorial Seats

With a Memorial Seat, you get a commemoration of your loved one’s life that is made from natural stone. You get the beauty of granite along with the durability to stand up to all kinds of elements.

Memorial Seats also come with a 229 x 229mm memorial plaque, which you can choose to either have attached to the seat itself or featured underneath it. Additional plagues of larger size can also be purchased and featured. In total, there are 8 different colours of granite to choose from for a memorial plaque. You can even choose to feature photographs of the deceased, special emblems or additional text.

One reason Memorial Seats are such a popular option is that they grant the visitor a functional place to remember their loved one. Although they’re made from natural stone, the seats are quite comfortable, meaning you can sit for hours while you take the time you need to mourn, think about or remember your close friend or family member.

Garden of Remembrance Plaque

As mentioned earlier, the landscaping in Regional Memorial Park is gorgeous. You can make the experience even better, of course, by choosing a Garden of Remembrance Plaque to memorialise the deceased. These plaques will be placed off the walking path in an area surrounded by nature. Measuring 136 x 75mm, the bronze plaques are both affordable and beautiful. They work much like a common headstone, meaning they are easy to locate and recognize.

Garden Ground Niche

Another option is to go with a Garden Ground Niche. This is a larger memorial, popular with many families for commemorating their loved ones. They look much like the Garden of Remembrance Plaque, except they are larger and are more prominently featured thanks to a concrete base that comes standard. Not only does this concrete help make the plaque easier to see and read, it also adds the beautiful look of natural stone. As the stone is granite, they come in the same colour options as Memorial Seats: black, blue, brown, pale blue, green, maroon, pink and white.

Due to their popularity, it is recommended that two spaces close by each other always be purchased at once. Though this is by no means mandatory, it guarantees a spot for family members right next to the deceased in the future.

Like Garden of Remembrance Plaques, Garden Ground Niches give family members serene surroundings with which to remember those who have passed. With the plaques appropriately placed, you’ll always have enough space to visit your loved one in peace.

Limestone Rockery

Similar to the Garden Ground Niches, is the Limestone Rockery. It’s similar in that it also features a plaque commemorating your loved one surrounded by nature. Of course, with this option, nature plays far more prominent a role. With this option, the plaque is actually embedded in a large limestone rock.

You have two choices for plaques. One is 229 x 229m and the other is 143 x 117 mm. While each limestone rock can only feature one plaque, an additional one at the base can be used to alert visitors where those of relatives are located.

Despite being naturally beautiful, the Limestone Rockery option provides other unique benefits. One is that no two limestone rocks are the same, making your loved one’s memorial completely unique, just like them. You can also have the plaques themselves affixed at eye level, making it convenient to read. These large memorials are great for those who like to leave flowers as well, given their large base.

Family Trees

The next option is to plant an actual tree for your loved one. As many as four people can be commemorated by the same native tree. You can also choose a native shrub as a memorial for your loved one. Either option can be chosen from those featured in the nearby Rockingham Regional Memorial Park. Shrubs are simply denoted as smaller, medium or larger types.

Choosing an actual living plant like a tree or shrub is a great way to keep the memory of your loved one alive. The tree or shrub will grow and change overtime, giving you something to look forward to with each visit. You can also look forward to the assortment of wildlife it will foster, making for a beautiful tribute to your loved one.

Granite Niche Wall

A Granite Niche Wall will certainly stand out from its surroundings. Like the other granite options, it comes in a range of colours. The wall stands prominently on its own in stark, but tasteful contrast to the beautiful natural environment of Rockingham Regional Memorial Park. There are six plaque spots available on each side of the wall. If you plan ahead, you can purchase the spots necessary to have loved ones located in adjacent spots to one another. This makes it much easier to visit and remember more than one friend or family member at once.

Life’s Memories Plaques

Regional Memorial Park offers the option of augmenting your memorial with an additional plaque known as a Life’s Memories Plaque. This plaque is completely customizable, allowing you to add a backdrop, picture and paragraphs of text.

For this option, you can choose a 229 x 229mm, 190 x 190mm or 380 x 280mm plaque. All of these can be affixed to any of the above options you choose for remembering your loved one.

Other Options

The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board is willing to work with you in order to design a memorial that will be completely unique and fitting for the deceased. Alternative options include birdbaths, sundials and arbours.

Furthermore, the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board will even customize an area for you to make a completely unique family estate. You can combine any of the above options and, of course, they’ll be more than happy to consider your own ideas.

A custom family estate guarantees you get a distinct memorial unlike any in the surrounding area. You’ll have no problem finding it and no issues feeling comfortable in its presence. Having a family estate also makes it simple, convenient and special visiting those relatives who have passed away.

Custom Series Plaques and Pictures

Another plaque options families can choose from Regional Memorial Park Cemetery is called a Custom Series Plaque. With this option the plaque itself is transformed into a picture. Basically, the staff can take a bronze plaque and have it etched to take on the features of any standard photograph you provide. Just like with other plaque options, these custom plaques can be easily attached to the memorial.

Sizes range from 229 x 229mm up to 560 x 305mm. The smallest option allows 2 photos, whereas the largest can feature up to 4. You receive a 40 letter allowance with the smallest option and a 75 letter allowance with the largest.

Keepsakes and Urns

The staff at Regional Memorial Park Cemetery can assist you with methods of remembering your loved ones away from their facility as well. They appreciate that many people simply need a part of their loved one around at all times. This can be especially helpful during the grieving process. For those individuals, Regional Memorial Park Cemetery is happy to offer urns and keepsakes.

Urns are always a popular method of keeping a part of your loved one with you at all times. Rockingham Regional Memorial Park Cemetery has a number of beautiful options it is happy to provide its customers. These are best appreciated in their showroom, however, so you’ll probably want to visit in person before making a selection. They can even split the ashes if there is more than one family member who would like an urn.

Metropolitan Cemeteries Board

Rockingham Regional Memorial Park is one of six that are overseen and operated by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board. Despite their large operation, the group only employs 150 staff members, guaranteeing a culture of customer support and deference for those who have passed and their families. No matter where you choose, the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board can offer burial, cremation, entombment and memorialisation services.

As the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board is appointed to oversee all matters regarding the cemetery industry in the Perth metropolitan area, they are up-to-date on all relevant policies and laws. You won’t have to worry about any regulations, as they’ll make sure everything is being carried out correctly.

This also means you can rest assured that any and all Funeral Directors and/or Monumental Masons operating on a property overseen by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board is fully licensed and trained to handle the occasion.

Florist nearby for funeral flower delivery in Rockingham

When on your way to Rockingham Regional Memorial Cemetery, you can stop by Spearwood Florist for flowers. They have a wide variety, including funeral flowers and those used to express sympathy. You can purchase them if you’re travelling to Rockingham Regional Memorial Cemetery to visit the deceased. Otherwise, if you’ll be attending a service, many people order flowers to be delivered the day of the funeral as a sign of respect and love for the family. Either way, Spearwood Florist Rockingham store website is capable of accommodating your flower needs.

It’s never fun anticipating the passing a loved one or even dealing with it once it’s happened. But unfortunately, death is a part of life we are all forced to confront many times before our own. Thanks to Rockingham Regional Memorial Park, you have a number of options for remembering your loved ones after they have passed. The park is located in a convenient location and features beautiful landscaping that will provide a gorgeous backdrop to your loved one’s memorial.

Information About Karrakatta Cemetery


If you are interested in history, many historians and genealogists suggest you visit old cemeteries to learn more about the history of a community. Cemeteries like Karrakatta Cemetery in the Perth suburb of Karrakatta have stories to tell because they have been open for over 100 years.

General Cemetery Information

This cemetery first opened in 1899 and it is the place of internment for thousands of people who lived in Western Australia. Approximately one million visitors go to the cemetery each year to see the burial sites of loved ones or to visit the sites of famous Australian politicians, writers, historians and others. Heath Ledger, Prime Minister John Curtin, and Premier Sir John Forrest are some of the more notable people buried in the cemetery.

The first mausoleum in Western Australia was opened at the cemetery in 1995. It is located near the centre of the cemetery and it is home to many works of art depicting important people and periods in Christian history. The mausoleum area is designed and inspired by Mediterranean themes and it has just completed the fifth stage of construction, completing the first mausoleum.

The cemetery also contains the Karrakatta Crematorium, which was opened in 1937. It was the first crematorium to be established in Western Australia. There have been several renovations and updates of the crematorium since it was established. The Karrakatta Crematorium prides itself on having the most rigorous standards in the wrong for energy conservation, as well as emissions.

There are four chapels at the cemetery, three of which are indoor chapels. The Brown, Norfolk and Dench chapels are housed indoors, all of which are air conditioned for comfort and they all contain state of the art sound systems. The Garden Chapel is an outdoor facility, which is adjacent to the indoor chapel area.

The Burial Areas of Karrakatta Cemetery


The cemetery has several different burial areas that include the denominational area that is also subdivided by religion and ethnicity. The areas contain beautiful gardens and areas that allow visitors some time to reflect peacefully while visiting loved ones. The burial areas include:

  • The Denominational Area - this burial area is divided into sections for 37 different religious and ethnic groups. There are sections for Roman Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Methodist, Anglicans, Muslims and Jews. While the new burial areas are non-denominational, the religious groups still tend to be buried in the own groups.
  • Lawn Areas - There are many different lawn areas throughout the cemetery that are non-denominational. Headstones that are put in these areas are restricted to a height of 1.05 meters. There are many areas to sit and reflect on memories of your loved ones in the lawn areas.
  • Children’s Burial Area - There is a special area to remember children who have passed on. It is dedicated to those children who are 13 years of age or younger. Next to the burial area, there is a children’s memorial garden in which memorial plaques can be placed after cremation. The headstones in the children’s burial area are limited to height of 900 millimeters.
  • The Aboriginal “Keeping Place” - This area of the cemetery is a project of the Department of Indigenous Affairs. It is a burial area designed to be the resting place for the remains of indigenous people that were previously in museums in the state and around the country of Australia. The Keeping Place is located in an area with a shady grove, surrounded by natural vegetarian and landscaping.

Karrakatta Cemetery Walking Trails

The first resident of the area to be interned at the Karrakatta Cemetery was a 29-year-old wheelwright who had died of Typhoid Fever. Robert Creighton’s grave was placed in the Church of England section of the cemetery, where it still can be viewed today. The cemetery offers several historical walking trails to view the resting places of some of the area’s most famous and infamous citizens.

The cemetery has buried over 200,000 people since its establishment and over 189,000 cremations have taken place since the crematorium was opened in 1937. The trails were laid out by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board. There are maps located in the administration building at the cemetery or they can be downloaded on the cemetery’s website.
Cemetery Services

The Karrakatta Cemetery offers many convenient services for those who want to hold a memorial at the facility. They have an onsite catering staff that will serve the food for friends and family that have come to pay their respects to a loved one. The food is served in one of the condolences lounges after the funeral service has concluded.

If you are visiting the grave of a loved one or taking a walk along one of the trails, you can stop for refreshments at the onsite cafe. The Karrakatta Cafe is located just within the Railway Road main entrance to the cemetery. They serve beverages and light food to visitors.
Funeral Etiquette at the Cemetery


Only a maximum of five cars are allowed in the funeral procession within the cemetery. The hearse and four other cars are the only ones allowed in order to keep traffic within the facility to a minimum. The procession is to wait at the main driveway of the cemetery until it is time for the services for the deceased. Mourners can wait at the “wait house”, which is located near the cafe. When it is time for the service, they can follow the cortege on foot to the gravesite or the chapel, wherever the service is being held.

The Town of Karrakatta

This suburb of Perth lies within the City of Nedlands and it is divided by the Fremantle railroad. The south side is where the Karrakatta Cemetery is located. It is surrounded by an industrial area that includes monument companies and other businesses that cater to the funeral industry. The depot for Nedlands is on the south side as well. On the north side of the tracks lies the Karrakatta railway station and the Irwin Army Barracks for the Australian Defense Forces.

More information about AUSTRALIAN DAILY FUNERAL AND DEATH NOTICES, visit their website at

Funeral Flowers - The Last Goodbye

We all know what a hard time a funeral can be for the grieving family. All the preparations for the funeral are very exhausting. There are a couple of things that friends and family can do to show their support for this grieving family. One of them is by sending flowers or you could write a tribute about the individual who passed for the family. This tribute could be placed in a card.

Funeral Tributes

A funeral tribute is usually delivered as a eulogy which is during the service or written in a card to the family members by expressing their sorrow. They may also be included in their obituaries or programs which are handed out at the funeral. The ideal funeral tribute words are most commonly found by your own experiences and feelings toward the individual who has passed.

Writing a Funeral Tribute

If you are asked to write a tribute for the individual who has passed you need to know that this is an honour that the family has bestowed upon you. You will be helping the family, as well as other say goodbye to the individual who passed. Just remember that this tribute should be coming from your heart. As long as it is honest and true there are not mistakes to be made. When you write your tribute about the individual who has passed you are sharing special things about them that maybe the family didn’t know. For example they could have helped you during a hard time.

As you are writing a tribute about the person who passed think about how they contributed to your life. You always want to stay with the positive. Reflect on when you met, what was the reason you met, how you enjoyed their company. To capture the essence of the person relive the moments in your mind.

Write down the key moments you shared with them. Also add any of the funny, touching or important events so that other people will understand the person better. How you saw this person may not be how someone saw them. Being elaborate isn’t necessary but you could list a few of your special times that you remember.

You may want to add your first impression of the individual. Were they funny? Did they make you mad? Try to explain the times by being as clear as possible.

As you are writing your first draft you will want to be as detailed as possible. You also just want to write and not worry about your grammar or mistakes in the first draft.

When you are writing this tribute you are trying to capture your feelings about the individual who has passed. As you are editing your final draft you can correct your grammar but don’t edit your feelings out of it. You may feel it necessary to take out anything that is too personal to share with other individuals.

The important thing to remember, as you are writing this, is that the family has asked you to do this tribute. Always remember that it is an honour that they have bestowed on you. By achieving this you will not only show the family respect but you will also show the individual who passed the respect that they need and deserve.

Do I Send Funeral Flowers?

There are so many questions surrounding sending flowers to a funeral. Some people wonder since they aren’t members of the family do we send flowers. Some even wonder if they should take the flowers to the funeral home. Sending flowers to a funeral is a sign of respect for the individual who has passed. Also by sending flowers you are showing the family that they are in your thoughts and prayers.

Funeral Flowers

Nowadays everyone would like to do the right thing. So the question comes into mind is should we send flowers to a funeral. If you would like to, it definitely would be appropriate. If the funeral will take place in Perth Western Australia, the best way to do that is to contact one of your local florist and they can deliver it to the funeral home for you. This web-page is for a professional florist expert in funeral flowers located in Perth. The flowers are usually delivered before the viewing. This florist offers free delivery to funeral homes. You will need to check with the florist when you place your order. In some instances you are able to bring your flower arrangement to the funeral home yourself.

Different Arrangements

Your local florist will have a wide variety of arrangements that you can choose from. They can help you choose which arrangement might work well for you. You may even be able to work with the florist one-on-one so that your arrangement could be personalized. If you know the individuals favourite colour or flower you could have the arrangement done in either of those. Of course the arrangements will vary in cost.

You can also have flowers delivered to the family’s home. These would be sent either before or after the service. This is another way that you could show your condolences for the family. You would definitely want to respect the family’s wishes on flowers.

If you find out an individual has passed you can still send flowers. It is a wonderful gesture and the family will appreciate your thoughtfulness. You can work with the florist to pick out the appropriate arrangement.

An individual passing is never easy. It is a very hard time for the family. As they are grieving it is always nice when individuals share with them the different times that others have had with their loved one. It very well could be something that the family never knew about.

You could also send them flowers. Flowers would show the family that you are thinking of them. You could write a tribute to their loved one. This tribute could be written as a poem or how you felt about them. These different ways will not only help them in their grieving process but it will help you, as well as you are grieving.

What to Do When Someone Dies

It’s never an easy process to cope when somebody who is close to your passes away. When somebody who is strongly ingrained into your daily life is no more, you may feel as though a piece of you have passed away as well. It isn’t uncommon for many people who go through the loss of a loved one to feel as though they are going through the different stages of death themselves. In the throes of despair, a person may bargain with higher forces or even deny the occurrence altogether in order to cope with how surreal it feels. Some may be immediately stuck with the gravity of all of their feelings, while others may be completely unmoved initially; in this state of emotional lockdown, you may not yet have had the real implications of the loss seep in and it could be days or months before you feel the full emotional impact of what has occurred fully seep in. Whatever your case may be, there are a lot of things that you should and should not do in order to come to terms with the loss and make the process of healing as smooth as you need it to be in order to achieve peace of mind.

Do Not Deny it

Death of a loved one is, by all means, a legitimate reason to feel grief and pain. In an attempt to mitigate the loss, you may feel compelled to shut off your ties to the event ad stave off the pain through disassociation. While this method may keep you from the immediate breakdown that you fear, in truth it’s only going to make things worse. You can compare it to boiling water in a tightly sealed pot; even if the lid is kept on as tightly as the owner of the pot can manage, the steam building up beneath the surface eventually will break through and result in an explosion that can be harmful to all of those who get too close. It has been proven in psychological study that those who are not emotionally expressive are more prone to seeing complications with their mental health than those who embrace the negative feelings for what they truly are. In the death of a loved one, the negative feelings must be acknowledged as an inevitability. The death is obviously not a good thing, but your sadness is appropriate and right; it is a testament to all of the worth of the person that has passed and an indication of your care for them. If you really did feel true connections to the one who has fallen, then grieving for them openly is only an expression of your love. They may not want you to feel grief from their passing, but it is better to express your sadness at their departure from the world than to go through life with a slowly waxing mass of repressed tension, anguish and pain that will negatively impact all aspects of your life as long as it has no outlet from your soul.

Do not become a recluse

The person that has passed away very likely has others who cared for them as much as you did, and even if that is not the case, there are always those who can understand the  crippling pain of loss. As human beings, we are blessed with the ability of introspective and communication; we developed these things to work directly in tandem with our propensity to feel emotion and have deep thoughts. It is only natural to use these skills that we have in the face of losing someone that you have a bond with. It may not fill the hole that is left over from another person being absent in your life, but it is always better to have new beginnings than endings. Do not isolate yourself, and do not elect to be alone with thoughts that could grow self-destructive. The feeling of loss that you have for another person signifies that you have the ability to establish true connections to other human beings that you share your world with, and that in and of itself is a beautiful thing. As we never know when anybody close to us just might be running out of time, it can be a bitter but very valuable sign to value every other person in your life while they are still alive and well. We may not always be able to say goodbye to those we love, and therefore, the ability to speak with those who are still here while we can is a very valuable thing to take advantage of while we still have the ability to do so.

Celebrate the life of the one who has passed away

You may naturally not feel so inclined to go out and be involved in the things you found fun before the person you care about passed away, but it can’t become something that keeps you from ever experiencing happiness ever again. Everything that the person did or said to make you smile, even fleetingly, should be internalized and brought with you everywhere that you go. Take the positive feelings that they gave you during their lifetime and turn it into energy that you can burn into having the most full and enjoyable life that you can. Let the incredible warmth that you felt from them when they alive both energize and motivate you, because no matter what you do, it will always be stored away in an unmovable portion of your heart and mind. If it’s at all possible, get the people that you cared for to come together and recall all of the things that made you all happy to have the person close to you all alive. The person who has died lived a full life before their demise, and it should be that great wealth of things they did while they were alive, not the punctuation mark of their death, that you remember in the days that follow.

Services Offered In Fremantle For Funerals

One of the hardest things to have to deal with is when a loved one dies and planning the funeral. You want to make sure that the funeral is perfect and represents your loved one in a positive manner. There are so many things that need to be done and you are trying to grieve on top of everything. You start to wonder, “How am I going to do all of this by myself.”

In Fremantle Western Australia and near Fremantle, there is help for you. There are numerous funeral homes, florists and a cemetery that will help families with the type of service that the family wants to show their love for their deceased loved one. They will be the added help that families need at this very hard time in their lives. By having the help that the family needs it will help them grieve properly.

Bowra & O’Dea
Address: 312 South St., Hilton WA 6163


This company was started around 1888. It began as a coach-building and undertaking business. In the early 1900’s the coach-building eventually disappeared, leaving just the funeral directing business.

Their business has now grown to 11 different locations. They have many professional individuals ready to help you in your time of need. They are ready to help you with all the arrangements for the funeral. Also they will help you with any of the other necessary items that need to be done. During the funeral ceremony they have a children’s area. This has a TV/Video link up so that the family members are able to watch the ceremony. They have something that they do special for every family.


They have a Memorial Grove. They take a young tree in a memorial of your loved one. It is a way to pay a special tribute to your loved one. It also becomes a lasting and loving memorial.

Purslowe Funeral Homes
254 Hampton Road, South Fremantle WA 6162


James William Purslowe began Purslowe Funerals full time by 1907. This business has been passed down from generations to generations.


They have a total of five funeral homes. They have experienced individuals ready to help you in your time of need. They are ready to help you create a special goodbye for your loved one. They are there for you to make this as easy for you as possible. They offer information on services for a burial or a service for a cremation. They also offer videos dealing with bereavement. They have at least four available. They have one “Talking to children.” This particular video gives suggestions on how to talk with children about their grief and how to help them.

Chipper Funerals
103 Norma Rd Myaree WA 6154


They began in 1889 and have built a reputation ensuring that every detail is perfectly planned. They make sure they are keeping in contact with the family on the progression, answer their questions, and are a guide for the family in creating a funeral. They have four different locations to serve everyone better.

You are also able to go onto their website and take virtual tours. They have virtual tours of Mandurah and the Chipper Funeral Home.

They are a full service funeral home. They want to give each family the personalized service that their loved one deserves and also help meet the needs of the family. They will help the family create the type of service they want to celebrate the life of their loved one. 

Prosser Scott & Coy
37 Adelaide Street, Fremantle WA 6162


Prosser Scott have a staff which want to ensure that your needs are being met when it regards a type of service you want. They realize that every person is different in the type of service that they would like. They are trained to help by way of guidance and give you advice when it comes to options.

They offer natural burials. This is where the body is prepared without any chemical preservatives and is placed into a biodegradable casket. The gravesite isn’t marked but native vegetation is planted on the site. This will create a natural monument. They also offer green funerals. These are environmentally-friendly. These include no embalming or embalming with formaldehyde free products. They also use biodegradable clothing/shroud and recycled paper products.

Fremantle Cemetery


This cemetery dates back to 1898. It is the final resting place of Bon Scott, lead singer for AC/DC, several murderers and dozens of notable Australians. 


Bon Scott’s grave is the most visited grave. 


Many people like to sit at his grave and “have a beer with Bon.” 

Limestone is used all around the cemetery on the walls, buildings, and garden. They have 3 different chapels available.

The West Chapel is their largest. This particular chapel has seating for 220 people and room for 250 people standing.


The East Chapel has a capacity of 65 people seated and 75 that are standing. They both are equipped with condolence lounges. They are both naturally lit and equipped with a sound system including a CD player.

There is an Outdoor Committal Area which is very popular in the warmer months. This also provides an informal choice instead of the traditional chapel setting. Fremantle Cemetery also offers a natural burial. This is where the body is placed in a biodegradable coffin and materials made from natural fibres. The natural burials are located on an elevated grove which overlooks the cemetery. This specific area will be progressively vegetated with natural species. They also have a Heritage Walk Trail. It summarizes a sample of the Fremantle’s history. You will pass by grave-sites of notable and notorious Western Australians. The entire trail will be easy to walk and you should complete it within one and half hours. Some families prefer to have a gathering after the funeral service in one of the condolence lounges. Fremantle Cemetery staff will help you with putting you into contact with a catering service to help you with your needs.

Spearwood Florist



When a family would like to purchase flowers for the funeral, Spearwood Florist would be an excellent choice. They have a wonderful variety of flower sprays to wreaths for you to choose from. 


They also have coffin or casket sprays. They have quite a few different choices for these particular items. They have floral arrangements starting as low as $75. Spearwood Florist will deliver your funeral flowers to the funeral homes, churches, chapels, mortuary, or place of worship and also to cemeteries in Fremantle. To order, visit this link


They have expert florists that are able to make your flower arrangement the way you would like it. They will adjust the arrangement to include the colours you choose.

If you would like to express your sympathy and send flowers Spearwood Florist would help you with your choice. This is a very nice way for you to express your condolences.

Fremantle has quite a few different funeral homes that have been in existence for many, many years. When businesses have been in existence as some of these have then they definitely have experience behind them.

You also have many different choices for cemeteries. You will have the option to choose whichever one will fit your needs.

Although it is a difficult time in your life, you can feel a little more at ease that Spearwood Florist, a reliable online flower shop serving Fremantle at this website is working to make it easier for you with all your floral choices. 

Sympathy Card Vs. Sympathy Flowers

A sympathy card? Really? Is that all you plan to send to your friend who has just lost her loved one? Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with sending a sympathy card but don’t you think you could go the extra mile and send her a beautiful bouquet of sympathy flowers? The words in a sympathy card are generally comforting but the idea is not unique. A sympathy card is number one thing given to a bereaved person. Once the person has got over their grief, they will struggle to remember the words on the sympathy cards. You can set yourself a part and let your friend or colleague know how much you care by sending sympathy flowers. Flowers may not last a lifetime but no one ever forgets a kind gesture like that.

Now that you’ve been convinced that it’s not enough to send just a card, you may have some questions like: What kinds of flowers are ideal to be sent to convey your sympathies? Where to send them? And the time frame for sending them. No need to worry. Here are some flowers that are ideal for conveying sympathies as well as information on delivery and time frame.


The orchid plant denotes sympathy. Pink and white orchids are the traditional flowers used to convey sympathy. However, the white orchid is the best flower to convey your sympathy.

Daffodils and Tulips

You can send an arrangement of daffodils and tulips to the bereaved. These flowers symbolise encouragement and hopefulness to those who are grieving.


Sending carnations to convey your sympathy is a great choice. They are the most popular flowers for sympathy arrangements because they are available in a variety of colours and have a very long lasting fragrance.


Contrary to popular belief, roses are not just for conveying love and passion. White or pastel roses can be used in sympathy arrangements. They have a formal look and are perfect for sending to the bereaved family.

Ideal Place to Send Sympathy Flowers

Sympathy flowers are generally sent to the home or office of the bereaved but you can also send them to the funeral home or the cemetery. Before paying for your sympathy flowers, ensure that the delivery address is correct. The last thing you want is to have the flowers delivered to the wrong address. One of the best things you can do when sending sympathy floral arrangements is to send them in water vessels that are self-contained. Flowers sent in this mode are easier to maintain and last a bit longer.

It’s Never Too Late

Just in case you’ve already sent a sympathy card to the bereaved, it’s good to know that it’s never too late to send sympathy flowers. There is really no time frame in which to send sympathy flowers. They can be sent even up to a month after the funeral service has passed. If you haven’t been in touch with your friend for a while and recently learned that they experienced the loss of their loved one, it’s also good to know that sympathy flowers can be sent even up to a year after the passing of the deceased.

We all need comfort in time of grief. There’s nothing more reassuring than having the support and compassion of others when a loved one has died. There are many ways that you can convey your sympathies but one of the best ways to show a bereaved person that you care is by sending them sympathy flowers. Not only do sympathy flowers denote compassion, they can also cheer up a grieving person during a time when a smile is hard to come by. Show someone that you care, use this website to send sympathy flowers together with your message of condolence today.

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